Shrinking Alice.

Alice was feeling bored while sitting on the ugly chair in Robert’s kafé, when she noticed a talking about surrealism art, she was captivated.

She followed those interesting folks who were wearing Chapka ,  when suddenly she felt a long way to a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes, she was right in Halmstad Konstmuseum!IMG_9069

She found a small key to a door too small for her to fit through, but through it she walked an attractive forest made by Takahito kimura. She then discovered a cow-boy’s hat, a leafy umbrella and a  magnifying glass hooked on the wall labelled “USE ME”, the contents of which cause her to shrink too small to reach the key which she has left on the table.IMG_9096

Unfortunately, a  friendly jolt, wake her up and she could continue the tour without disturbing visionary, she appreciated in particular the work of Susanne Vollmer !


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