Time to say goodbye

This is our last post. After 9 months, it’s time to say goodbye. We had a great time in Sweden, but now we have to go back home. France and Spainistan is waiting for us. We hope the next volunteers will continue with the blog (and the videoblog!). At least until October, the blog will be in stand-by. Or maybe we are killing it right now. Anyway,… tack för allt, Sverige!


Tip #4: Varberg, the spa city

Now that I’ve finished my project, but I still will be a few days in Sweden, I have much free time. That’s why I’ve decided to visit Varberg, a city not far from Kungsbacka. It takes about 20 minutes from Åsa by car or train, although it is nearly an hour by bus. Anyway, I went by bus because I can take the busline 777 for free using the Västträffik monthly card for Kungsbacka. Continue reading